HI  Welcome to Stuffed Company

This is a place for me and my wife to show off our work we have done on our dolls.

Stuffed Company came about because I travel out of town some times. So me and my wife thought it would be nice if I had a travel companion. So I made my first Honey Bear as you see here

Shortly after I made my Honey Bear well my wife wanted a companion to

so we made Jessy Bear. We have been making dolls for 6 years now and really

enjoy it. Here is a doll we made she is a Hunny Bear she stands five feet tall

and has a frame work in her to pose her with her name Is Fiona

We all so make a bunny that is Called Sasha Bunny

She is a lot of fun to take out to the fabric stores she likes to see the stuff that she was made of


These dolls make a really good companions at home or were ever you go. If you feel lonely and live at home

by your self. You can pose them to watch TV or pose them reading a book they make you feel like there is someone  there with you.

Each one has a personalty all of their  own

So If you would like to commission us to make you one of  these dolls or something different 

please feel free to contact us

start price is 550$ plus shipping